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About Us

Think bottom lines™


“Brad Fitzsimmons has put more time and energy into my dream than anyone else.”


Among the business owners he works with, this client quote rings familiar. Brad believes we will improve our businesses, lives and the world by defining purpose then committing to it. 


People.  Profit.  Planet.  Brad’s mission is to build bottom lines by helping people achieve what they didn’t think was possible: the maturing of their business into a finely-tuned, highly-profitable corporation that others want to buy.


For some owners of small to mid-sized businesses, this can be an unfamiliar or uncomfortable concept.  They have no intention of selling, or they don’t think anyone would want to buy.  But consider this: truly well-run, triple-bottom-line businesses are by definition always maturing, and are by definition built to sell.


Brad has been an entrepreneur for almost his entire life, building and selling small- to mid-sized businesses – and working at every level of them – in 37 countries.  An unbreakable optimist, his experience with these companies allows him to see opportunities where others see only problems.


Brad cares enough to challenge you and your assumptions.  Comfortable talking to anyone, he is a natural influencer.  As one client relays with a touch of irony, “He will make you do something because you want to do it.”


Challenges over the years mean that Brad sees the world through grateful eyes.  People recognize that when he is with them, he is truly present, satisfied with exactly where he is in that moment.  


Ultimately, by designing Triple Bottom Line businesses with Real Wealthy owners Brad leverages all is talents to positively contribute to a better world.